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This site is run by a small group of Sylvian fans on behalf of all Sylvian fans worldwide.  We welcome any comments and thank you for looking and supporting us.  














welcome to www.david-sylvian.co.uk ..... new CD and DVD reviews ..... get information on good and bad traders on ebay ..... Sylvian currently working with Steve Jansen ..... please join the discussion or vote in our survey .....





Sylvian is continuning his excellent 'Fire in the Forest' tour into 2004 in Japan.  A brilliant mix of electronic and acoustic tracks - highlights of 2003 were an acoustic version of 'The Other Side of Life' and the Sylvian and Sakamoto single 'World Citizen'.


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There are some brilliant live CDs around (See CD details and biography).  Watch out for good and bad traders.


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