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Google - taking over the world?



(Example of e-commerce, internet advertising, business ethics)

Internet advertising is a new and important form of promotion for companies - they are finding it easier to target the right customers in the right way.  Google have used this as a very important source of revenue and the more we all use Google the more revenue they can raise - searching for stuff has to be paid for by someone!

The advertisement above is an example of the way in which Google places ads which may be relevant to a specific site.  Once spideybiz allow Google onto the site they analyse our content with a piece of software which places an advertisement which they think you might be interested in.  Have a look at the ads on this page - have they succeeded?  

If you click on the ad you will then go to Google who will hopefully encourage you to look at that particular advertiser's product - spideybiz might get a few pence from it and Google will probably get a bit more.

There are many search engines, MSN, Dogpile, Lycos, etc and they all have merits and drawbacks.  Remember that just because something is high up in your search it doesn't necessarily mean it is the best information.  Web designers spend a lot of money trying to get things to appear high up in a search engine but it doesn't mean they have got the best site for you.

But Google seems to have captured people's imagination and seems to be the search engine of choice - in theory this means that they could control a lot of the information on the web, something which they have helped do in China where the government does not want certain sites available to the people. Google argue that it is better to have them rather than no-one at all and eventually the information will get through anyway.  Only time will tell.

In the meantime, enjoy googling but remember that a search engine may never replace the ability of your brain to decide what is good information and what is not.  Hopefully spideybiz will help you in that task.


Business Studies:  Explain three ways in which internet advertising might be more effective than other 'traditional' forms of advertising.

ICT:  Search for a two topics using three different search engines - which search engine do you think is 'best' and why?