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Web offers a new view for business Housing still going up? An economic miracle
The future of the housing market was still uncertain today as data gave mixed signals.  What will happen to interest rates? What will be the effects on businesses and the economy?  More here. Economists continue to argue about the state of the UK economy as the government continues to tell us we've never had it so good.  The BBC provides the evidence. You decide.
The new way to shop Amazon gets stronger
More and more of us are now shopping online and price comparison websites are booming - Kelkoo is one of them.  Are they good for consumers?  Are they good for business?  What do you think? Investigate here. Amazon is continuing its move away from its core business of books and expanding further into electronics and other products.  Is it a good idea?  What will be the effects on the high street?  More here.

New website

Schools, colleges, universities and the business community celebrated today as was finally launched.  Students up and down the country expressed excitement at finally being able to find all their assignment research in one place and business leaders commented on the breadth of free information that was available on the site.


With the aim of bringing together all the best websites together in one place, have had their work cut out for them, a spokesman for the site said:  "we felt there was a real need for a collection of the information which covered the main areas of business - everything from management to marketing, economics to e-commerce, tourism to technology."


Changing education

The Spidey Times has also spoken to a number of teachers and lecturers who were so overwhelmed by the free resources available that they could not speak.  A blessing for us all.

But seriously

However, with the web ever expanding their is clearly a need for sites which sort information and bring it together in one place.  Business, economics, tourism-related subjects and ICT are all increasing in importance and there are real benefits to be gained from the best free information being gathered together in one place.

The future

As the web continues to expand it will become increasingly difficult to sort useful information.  Sites like will become an invaluable resource.

Make life easy.

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