Web design

Having an effective presence on the web is crucial to any business.

It is a 24 hour shop window for who you are and what you do.

A poor website can give a poor impression of your business.

A typical web design company may be able to give you the technical functions you need but do they understand your customers?

We can help you develop your presence on the web.  


Our philosophy of the web is to focus on what the customer wants and then think about the clever graphics and flashy buttons afterwards.

We can help you develop a web presence that is functional, easy to use, customer-friendly and straightforward.

It does exactly what it should do and is the shop window you require.

And if you want the bells and whistles we can do that too.




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We work with you to help your business help your customers

A business operating in the UK and US needed help in improving an extranet site for information-sharing between employees and suppliers.  NLAcreative helped develop content and layout.

A sole trader needed a website to promote his business.  NLAcreative followed the project through and developed brand image, layout and content.


Web design


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