Having a motivated team who understand the business and are focused on providing excellent customer service is crucial to any business.

Bringing a team together so that they are all focused on the same goals can be difficult.  It takes time and it takes effort.

We can help with this and we can give management the tools to make it happen.

NLAcreative's extensive background in training make us the first choice if you want professional, entertaining and enlightening presentations or training days for your team.


We can help you provide training in a range of areas:

'marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department'

'selling products that don't come back to customers who do'

'understanding your customer'

'people are the most important part of the service'

'confidence and presentation skills'

'leadership leads to sales'

'motivating your team'





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We work with you to help your business help your customers

Senior consultant, Nick Langston-Able has many years experience of offering management courses to professionals in the region's smallest and biggest companies.  He sees training as 'lighting a fire rather than filling a bucket' and his enthusiasm and experience has helped a wide range of organisations in the the private and public sector.




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