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 About this Indonesia site

Hi.  Selamat datang (welcome) to the website.  Its aim is to give you all the information you need on Indonesia - whether you are interested in travel or just want to find something out about the country. 

I'm Nick Langston-Able and since 1998 I have travelled extensively around Indonesia.  My motivations to do this was my love of south-east Asia (I have done a reasonable amount of backpacking around Malaysia and Thailand), my desire to see and climb volcanoes, and the dubious wish to see how a country copes with the political and economic turmoil that Indonesia has experienced over the last few years.  

Consequently my first visit was at the height of the troubles that led to the fall of President Suharto; how risky or stupid this journey was is debatable but I left unscathed and have returned to other parts of the archipelago in the years since.


My first trip, however, was probably the most interesting due to the conditions in Indonesia, the places I saw and my own state of mind.  It resulted in me leaving my job and writing a book on my experiences entitled 'Playing with Fire', excerpts of which are located across the site.  This has now been published so feel free to contact me for more details or go direct to www.adventures-in-indomnesia.co.uk

This site will continue evolving but I hope that there is enough information to be of some help and I'm always happy to receive comments and questions from anyone who has an interest in what I regard as one of the most incredibly beautiful (albeit chaotic) countries in the world.



And Eddie? 

Eddie Lizzard - a fellow I met in Labuanbajo, Flores in 2000.  I apologise for his constant scurrying - he's very inquisitive.



Playing with Fire





Nick Langston-Able

Have a look at  Playing with Fire



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