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So is web design really expensive?


Sshhhhh, here's the big secret:  web designers tell you that so that they can get lots of money off you - it shouldn't be that expensive at all.


Alternatively, some people know 'a mate who does a bit of web design in his spare time' but to be honest they are often pretty rubbish - would you want a suit made by a bloke who knows a bit about sewing?


Well maybe you would, depending on the cost.


We don't think a good website is rocket science but we do believe that our expertise and experience is worth something.


So we charge you a fair price - less than the people who will try to tell you it's going to take ages but more than your mate who knows how to use a keyboard.  


And as an extra-special bonus we also know lots about communications, marketing and promotion - you get all that for free!


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So how much is it?

Well obviously it depends on what you need but here are some example costs:

Single page promotional site: from £50

Sole trader website: from £200

Small business website: from £300

Medium to large business website: from £600


The cost will vary depending on number of pages, number of photos, logo design and any funny little things you need designed.

It will also depend on if you want us to buy you a domain name (eg. www.friendlywebs.co.uk) and how you want us to look after it once it is up and alive.  Typically the average web design company will charge you around 1000.  Typically we are so nice that we charge you less than half that - because it isn't rocket science.

Whether it is something cheap and cheerful or something sexy and sophisticated, we can do it all.

And all with no geeks, no jargon and no grumbles.






I like the sound of that. 

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www.friendlywebs.co.uk - We are a friendly web design company that aims to be better than everyone else but friendly with it.  We like small animals and always remember birthdays.  The people we work with think we are nice and helpful and we want it to stay that way.  We think strangers are friends we have yet to meet and that every cloud has a silver lining.  We are very proud about what we do and hope that you will join the revolution.  We hope you have a good day.