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    ... this page tells you all about us but we forgot to mention we like puppies ... 

Here's the almost technical bit:

  • we design new websites,
  • we improve rubbish websites,
  • we buy names for the websites (domain names),
  • we look after the finished website if you want us to (our web hosting),
  • or we can find you your own special place if you want to update stuff yourself (your own web hosting),
  • and we can do clever things with emails so that people can communicate with you much more easily.

We also have some clever people who aren't allowed out but are able to make nice logos, edit pictures, create nice forms for your customers to fill in and all sorts of other stuff - just ask.  (examples)

Can we do the complicated stuff?

Well we can if you want us to but we promise we will only bore you with it if you ask. We don't like computer geeks and we don't want to turn out like them. However, if you must know how we created that clever little form which your customers can fill in to ask you stuff we'll tell you all about it.

Here is some detail on the complicated stuff and examples of what we can do for you: 

Geeky but interesting stuff


And here's a little bit about us:

We are a small group of web designers based in North Bristol who approach websites from the point of view of the customer and you.

We believe you want something which is not too expensive and no more complicated than it needs to be.

We believe your customers would like a website which is very, very, very easy to use.

We believe you would like a website which is straightforward to create, easy to navigate, easy to manage and not horribly expensive.

We believe you want your website to look nice - it's your 24 hour shop window.  (examples here)

We believe you want us to communicate with you in a friendly and understandable way and not to confuse you with complicated jargon.

We aim to understand your business and your needs and we want to make sure that you get exactly what you want.

Why a good website could be good for you

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this is us


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www.friendlywebs.co.uk - We are a friendly web design company that aims to be better than everyone else but friendly with it.  We like small animals and always remember birthdays.  The people we work with think we are nice and helpful and we want it to stay that way.  We think strangers are friends we have yet to meet and that every cloud has a silver lining.  We are very proud about what we do and hope that you will join the revolution.  We hope you have a good day.