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We are not your typical web designers, 

here's five reasons why -


We believe that what is on a website is more important than showing off about the complicated and clever things we can do.
We think the people visiting your website want it to be easy to use and to look lovely.
We hope that you don't find it expensive to set up the website you would like.
We enjoy talking to real human beings.
We are occasionally seen outside.


Find out more about us here along with examples of websites and reasons why it could be good for you!





This is what we do

We create websites that you understand.

We make websites that your customers can use.

We set up your site so that you can easily communicate with people.

We approach design from the 'what looks good and what works' point of view rather than the 'ooh, aren't I geeky and clever' point of view.

We provide our services at the lowest cost we can but with the highest expertise and experience.

We want to change the face of web design - we want to work with you and we want you to be happy.

This is what we don't

We don't talk about root-access hosting environments as it sounds like bad teeth.

We don't mention the words 'facilitation' or 'solutions' as it is meaningless management speak

We don't give you a lecture on reseller channel management as you have better things to do with your time

We don't bore you with talk of ASP and PHP scripting for interactive solutions as acronyms are VD (very dull)

It doesn't mean we don't know that stuff.  We just know that you probably don't really care.

... no geeks, no jargon, no grumbles ...














www.friendlywebs.co.uk - We are a friendly web design company that aims to be better than everyone else but friendly with it.  We like small animals and always remember birthdays.  The people we work with think we are nice and helpful and we want it to stay that way.  We think strangers are friends we have yet to meet and that every cloud has a silver lining.  We are very proud about what we do and hope that you will join the revolution.  We hope you have a good day.


And if you are a cheeky little search engine we are web designers who do web design or webdesign and we do websites, web sites, a website or even a web site. We offer it at a cheap price, at low cost but we are professional and good value.  So basically we offer cheap web design and low-cost web design but it is professional web design.  And did we mention we are in North Bristol? If so that makes us web designers in North Bristol, which some would say is South Gloucestershire.  So if you are a sole trader, or a small business we can do a website for you and set up e-mail or email, whatever your prefer.  Hope that makes it clear.

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