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The Book    


Playing with Fire:  Adventures in Indonesia,

is the true story of a backpacking journey through Indonesia - a country that lies beneath Malaysia and Singapore and between India and Australia - 17,000 islands formed by volcanic activity.


The author travels through Java, Bali and Lombok on a quest to find ancient temples, palm-fringed beaches and to climb some of the highest active volcanoes in the region including the awe-inspiring and dangerous Gunung Rinjani.  On his way he witnesses a country hit by economic and political turmoil but also develops friendships in the most unlikely places.


With entertaining descriptions of the day-to-day life of a backpacker, Nick Langston-Able gives an amusing and honest account of his journey from a bored morning with daytime television to an extraordinary, diverse and dangerous country.  And he tells the story of an independent backpacker searching for excitement and adventure in a world of safe mediocrity.















All photographs and text copyright Nicholas Langston-Able 2007