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Playing with Fire:  Adventures in Indonesia by Nick Langston-Able - exciting travel and backpacking book - Java, Bali and Lombok.

"... fascinating and inspirational ..."

 "An open, amusing and exciting account of the reality of backpacking ..." 


The hidden treasure of south-east Asia - Indonesia - a land of ancient temples, lush rainforests, hidden beaches and massive volcanoes. It is a backpacker's dream.


But there is political upheaval taking place, the economy is collapsing and the ruling party is losing control.  Against this background, Playing with Fire is the true story of  independent travel, high times, companionship and a little bit of good luck.


Playing with Fire: Adventures in Indonesia

The new travel adventure by Nick Langston-Able


The book is the true story of a backpacking journey through some of the most beautiful islands of south-east Asia - Java, Bali and Lombok.


It takes place during a time of dangerous political and economic upheaval as the author decides to pick up his backpack and take a journey to find ancient temples, massive volcanoes and himself.


It is a story for anyone who has experienced the joys, frustrations, challenges and excitement of backpacking; and for anyone who ever dreamt of taking the road less travelled by.



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The second best-selling book on Indonesia on Amazon and one of the top 100 travel writing books.  12.2.08

The Lombok Times in Indonesia does a special feature on the book - click reviews for more.  16.10.07


Published May 2007



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All photographs and text copyright Nicholas Langston-Able 2007

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